Hucknall makes a stand

Basically Mick Hucknall has taken to Twitter to express the opinion that ginger jibes are similar to racism. When I was younger, Hucknall was THE ENEMY (see also Phil Collins, Shane Richie, Darren Day, Bono, Lulu). I’m not sure what I think of him anymore, he certainly doesn’t make me feel as angry as he did when I was 15.

Look here:

And have a look on the Daily Mail’s own take on it here (plus some extra bits ../about how many women he’s shagged, in case you didn’t know already (they’ve only mentioned it ../about a million times)):

This is an age old argument – yes it’s hideous to be picked on for your hair colour; yes it’s wrong for people to pick on other people due to their hair colour. But people will pick on you for just ../about anything, if they are that way inclined. I think that most people of normal / above normal intelligence wouldn’t even think ../about having a pop at someone for having ginger hair, so remember that the next time some spotty, rotten toothed, Donnay-wearing youth makes some kind of gingerist comment; they don’t really have many brain cells, and the ones they do have are being used to help them drag their knuckles across the floor (see also: Liam Gallagher).

As always, I love the readers comments on the Daily Mail website. A quick glance down the list led me to this one, from Mick in Maidstone: ‘I do not have ginger hair but I think I would rather like it.’ Yes of course you would – until someone shouts ‘ginger pubes’ at you from a speeding chavmobile, THEN you’d be running down to Boots for the nearest pack of Just for Men.